bio2Stephanie Azri is a Clinical Social Worker with ten years experience in clinical counselling. Her goals are to provide support and services to families experiencing various trials in the form of counselling, advocacy, research, referrals and teaching. Her areas of interests are women’s issues as well as intervention in crisis & trauma situations and mental health.

She wrote her first book “High Risk Pregnancy and Foetal diagnosis; Your journey” in 2006 after her third child was diagnosed in utero with Potter’s syndrome, a fatal condition. She found that not much was available for families in this situation. Her second book “Healthy Mindset for Super Kids” is a resilience program she also wrote because of her experiences as a mother and after realising the lack of services for children in the community. Her third book “The prenatal bombshell” written with Sherokee Ilse also deals with prenatal issues. Stephanie is currently working on a relationship guide and a fiction book inspired by her experience as a therapist.

She lives in Australia with her husband and their five children.
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