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High Risk Pregnancy and Fetal Diagnosis (2006)

Published by Free Association Books (UK)


This book offers practical guidance to women who are suddenly confronted with medical diagnoses that place them in a high-risk category or indicate abnormalities in their developing babies.

The author draws on her own personal experience to provide useful information about a wide range of medical conditions in a way that takes account of the emotional and psychological impact.

The sections devoted to the diagnosis of high-risk pregnancy and fetal anomalies include a range of first-person accounts of these experiences. In sections on pregnancy, labor, and on the death of a child, the author provides a wealth of advice for dealing with the practical, ethical, and emotional issues that can arise in the different stages of these experiences of pregnancy.

The author refers to  recent scientific findings in this field and provides a comprehensive glossary of medical terms, as well as a further reading section for both adults and children within families affected by these medical conditions.

The book has a strong practical focus throughout and the author provides a list of recipes to accompany the dietary advice and suggestions of specific exercises to promote health during this journey. The book also supplies comprehensive lists of support organizations throughout the world that specialize in helping people to deal with the requirements of specific medical conditions.






Healthy Mindsets for Super kids (2013)

Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers (UK and US)


Self-esteem, communication skills, positive thinking, healthy friendships, and dealing with anger, stress, anxiety and grief are all crucial parts of being resilient and having strong life skills.

Join forces with superheroes Steemy, Link, Zen, KipKool, Holly and Hally, Beau and Angel in this 10 session program to boost resilience in children aged 7-14. Each session focuses on a key theme, and a superhero character helps to teach each skill, from overcoming anxiety to dealing with griefA creative hands-on activity closes each session, and session summaries and tips for parents encourage children to continue learning and building their skills  between sessions. An engaging comic strip story about the superheroes runs throughout  the program sessions are flexible and easily adaptable for use in different settings and with younger or older children, and include printout worksheets.

This imaginative resource is a complete program ideal for teachers, counsellors, therapists, social workers and youth workers



The Prenatal Bombshell (2015)

Published by Rowman and Littlefield (US) Co-written with Sherokee Ilse


Finding out your unborn child has been diagnosed with a poor or fatal prenatal diagnosis is  devastating news sure to reverberate through your family’s life forever. The emotional  aspects of such a pregnancy and the practical implications of an adverse diagnosis are difficult to navigate.

The Prenatal Bombshell is a warm and understanding companion guide through the journey from diagnosis and beyond once you’ve decided to either continue or end your precious pregnancy. Issues such as managing the pregnancy, delivery, termination, creating memories, future babies, and the long term impact of such a traumatic experience are all covered in detail. The lived experiences of other women who have gone through this journey are also included to provide hope, support, and guidance through difficult times.

The Prenatal Bombshell does not attempt to convince women to make a particular choice about their pregnancy. It supports them from their choice onwards in a way that is honest, informative, and reliable. Filled with stories and testimonies, this is a helpful book to have during, and well beyond, a poor prenatal diagnosis.



tout_les_enfants_peuvent_ etre_des_superheros
Tout les enfants peuvent etre des superheros (2015)

Published by Cheneliere (Canada)


Faites découvrir à vos élèves les superhéros Estimo, Relationix, Optimus, Angélix, Zen, Tranquilo, Nina et Lina et Supersanté. Ils ne tarderont pas à s’identifier à eux, ce qui les aidera à développer leurs habiletés sociales et à améliorer leur estime de soi et leur résilience.

Les 10 ateliers de cet ouvrage offrent des activités clés en main et près de 100 fiches reproductibles illustrées pour développer chez les jeunes de 8 à 12 ans :

  • • la confiance en soi;
  • • les habiletés de communication;
  • • la pensée positive;
  • • le deuil et la perte;
  • • la gestion du stress et de l’anxiété;
  • • la gestion de la colère;
  • • des relations saines;
  • • un esprit sain dans un corps sain.

Que vous soyez enseignant , psychoéducateur ou tout autre intervenant jeunesse, vous adorerez accompagner les jeunes dans cet univers de bande dessinée et de superhéros qui leur permettra de vivre en harmonie avec eux-mêmes et avec les autres.

Documents reproductibles inclus dans l’ouvrage et offerts sur notre site Web.


“The REAL guide to life as a couple” (2018)

Published by Praeclarus Press (US)


“The REAL guide to life as a couple” is be a light hearted publication aimed at couples, present and future, who want to know about ways to keep their relationship healthy or redirect it in a more positive direction if need be.


It will be a great book to give as a present for bridal showers, engagement parties and weddings as well as being something that appeals to couples, regardless of how their relationship might be doing. The book is not about teaching couples everything they may or may not already know however, it is designed to be thought provoking and initiate conversations, open mindedness and light-heartedness on tricky but real topics.




State of Innocence (in the process of editing)

Co-written with Debra Scacciaferro (USA)

After the loss of their seven month old baby to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), Isabella and Connor McKenzie begin grief therapy with psychotherapist Kimberley Mason.  Together with their children, Alexia and Jaylene, the McKenzie’s meet regularly with Kimberley but do not seem to be making progress. Eight months later, five year old Alexia finally reveals a devastating secret about the baby’s death that threatens to tear the family

Thrown into an emotional cyclone, Kimberley faces an impossible choice: will she fulfill her legal and moral obligations and put her own family at risk, or stay silent and risk the lives of Alexia and Jaylene?