Clinical Supervision

Supervision to help counsellors, social workers & sexologists earn and maintain credentials in their practice

Reasons for Clinical Supervision

Enhance clinician’s skills, competence and confidence

Provide a reflective safe space

Support with personal and emotional development in the workplace

Assist with professional and career development

Ensure practice is ethical and compliant

Meet AASW, SAS and other governing bodies’ requirements

About Clinical Supervision

Are you a mental health social worker, a clinical social worker, a sexologist, a counsellor, or a student in any of those fields? If the answer is yes, you will need to receive regular supervision to earn and maintain your credentials.  Not only is clinical supervision mandatory, it is also beneficial to a sound, supportive and efficient practice. Clinical supervision not only increases your confidence, skills and professional development, it also boosts morale, job satisfaction and reduces burnout.

Not all clinical supervision was born equal though. A good supervisor is the difference between feeling safe to disclose weaknesses and seeing them turn into positives and feeling on display and judged for them (and often as a result, not talking about the real issues in practice). ALL clinicians have blind spots, anxieties, interpersonal frustrations and cases they’re ensure about.

As a supervisor, I make sure my clinicians feel safe and empowered, and often sprinkle a dash of humour when discussing heavy topics. My goal is to have all clinicians leave my sessions feeling ready to tackle the next month with positivity. If you’re after clinical supervision, why not give me a call to discuss your needs?

Contact Me

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I am located at 10 James St, Beenleigh

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