Discernment Counselling

A short term therapy for couples who are unsure of which path they’d like to take (Separating VS staying together)

Reasons for Discernment Counselling

To assist with difficult conversations between partners

To provide a reflective safe space for people who are unsure of their relationship direction

To provide clarity in the couple about their status

To support with personal and emotional development when processing decisions

To allow for an honest and transparent process when one of the partner is leaning away from the relationship

Can provide a stepping stone to Couple Therapy or Individual Counselling

About Discernment Counselling

Some partners are confused as to whether they want to stay in their relationship. For these partners, couple therapy can actually be quite stressful and counterproductive.

Discernment Counselling is a short term therapy that allows partners to process their true feelings in relation to their relationship.

Basically, rather than waste time trying to actually convince a member of a couple that they want to engage in couple therapy, discernment counselling takes a different approach that offers a couple of sessions together and a couple of sessions individually to come to a decision as to whether the relationship will continue or not.

In short, discernment counselling avoids starting half-hearted couples therapy with couples who have differing agendas.  It accepts ambivalence rather than trying to work around it or overcome it, and unlike couple therapy that looks at the couple as the client, in discernment counselling, each partner is the client separately with their own agenda and right to privacy etc. The goal of this therapy is to allow each partner to find clarity as to where they want to head in the marriage.

So….. If you believe that you need support with your relationship, but you’re not convinced (yet) that you want to remain in the marriage, discernment counselling may help you and your partner in getting to a common decision, or at least an open discussion on whether you wish to remain partnered to them or not.

If you’d like to talk about couple therapy, discernment counselling, or post separation counselling, contact me.

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