Today, on my FB page, we talked about counselling, the process and how to get a referral for Medicare rebates.

Counselling should be mandatory! Who doesnt need an objective ear, a non-judgemental mind, and a third party who doesn’t know your friends and family to bounce things with? In counselling, a person may talk about anything they want to; From anxiety to sexuality, and from parenting to career development.

The sky is a limit.

Clients also set the tone. It’s up to you how formal or informal you need your sessions to be and a good therapist will know how to strike a balance between supporting and nurturing you VS challenging you when needed.

The short answer is no. You do NOT need to have major issues to seek life skills coaching or counselling of any kind. YOU deserve the support with any questions or concerns floating in your head.

With a GP referral (a mental health care plan), Medicare will pay a good chunk of your session. Ask your therapist how much the gap is (it is different for everyone). As I write this, my gap is $25. I am passionate about keeping costs low so that everyone can access support if they would like it. My specialties are women’s issues, sexuality, couples, family issues including parenting, and mental health.

You are unsure as to whether you are ready? Why not head to my self-help books and see how these down to earth strategies are for you?

Feel free to email me anytime. Wishing you a wonderful Saturday!

Yours, in resilience

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