EMDR Therapy

A trauma informed therapy to address “stuck” memories/traumatic experiences in view of improving our present and future lives

Reasons for EMDR Therapy

To assist with difficult memories impacting on the present

To eliminate negative childhood schemas impacting on self-esteem, self-worth, worldviews etc

To address (non-organic) sexual dysfunctions such as erectile issues, performance anxiety, low libido, sexual trauma etc

To provide a reflective safe space for people who wish/need to process trauma once and for all

To support individuals with personal and emotional health post trauma recovery

To allow for better relationships with ourselves and others

To address mental health issues such as PTDS, depression, anxiety, personality disorders etc.

About EMDR Therapy

EMDR therapy is considered a new, nontraditional form of psychotherapy. Therapists mostly use it to treat PTSD or trauma responses.

This therapy is based on the theory that traumatic events aren’t properly processed in the brain when they happen. This is why they continue to affect us — with nightmares, flashbacks, and feelings of the trauma happening again — long after the actual trauma is over.

When something reminds you of the trauma, your brain and body react as though it’s happening again. The brain isn’t able to tell the difference between the past and the present.

This is where EMDR comes in. The idea, known as the adaptive information processing model, is that you can “reprocess” a disturbing memory to help you move past it.


During an EMDR therapy session, your therapist will ask you to briefly focus on a trauma memory. Then, they’ll instruct you to perform side-to-side eye movements while thinking of the memory. This engages both sides of your brain and is termed bilateral stimulation.

If you have visual processing issues, your therapist may use rhythmic tapping on both of your hands or play audio tones directed towards both ears.

One theory behind how EMDR works is that it helps the two sides of the brain to communicate with one another — the left side, which specializes in logic and reason, and the right side, which specializes in emotion.

Experts don’t know exactly how EMDR works. Ongoing investigations point out that it’s a complex form of therapy and likely has many mechanisms of action. However, what we DO know is that it works.

Ready to work on yourself and get the quality of life you deserve?EMDR is now offered in Logan. EMDR is also offered on the gold coast. If you’d like to talk about EMDR therapy, and how it may benefit you please contact me.

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