Have you ever thought that you and your significant other were stuck in a cycle, perhaps places to go on date nights had become all too familiar and/or your nights together had become predictable?

Well, in my book, The REAL Guide to Life as a Couple, I give you easy to follow steps which you could use to shake up your relationship with some excitement and adding spontaneity back into your date nights together.

To start, you will need a glass jar (preferably with a lid if you have small children or pets), a pen or pencil and a clean sheet of paper. To begin this exercise, tear off a piece of paper from the sheet and get your significant other to write down on his/her piece of paper an idea for what they would like to do for an activity or date together. Fold them as you go so neither of you can see what both your ideas are and place it into the jar. Follow the same steps as your significant other. Now after a month, if you keep this up once a week, you will have garnered 8 date or activity ideas (if you are in a consensual monogamous relationship) per month.

Keep in mind when writing down ideas to keep it realistic, don’t write “weekend cruise” if you or your significant other do not have the financial means to complete this task, so only write down ideas that are within your means.

Then of course, the game is to pick one of these pieces of papers (AKA wonderful ideas) and take turns at organising the fun date, making sure you are both open minded in enjoying the moments, new things, and who knows, maybe the beginning of something new ❤. Rules are simple. NO grumpiness, no whining and no complaining. Bring your happy spirit and let the rest unfold!

If you enjoyed this easy to follow step from my book, The REAL Guide to Life as a Couple and wish to know more ways in bringing that spark back in your intimate relationships, then be sure to grab a copy by clicking on the link below. Alternatively, you could also visit the book section on my website and learn about my other books that focus on building and maintaining intimate relationships.

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