Post Separation Counselling

Counselling to help individuals manage the grief and trauma of divorce and separation

Reasons for Post Separation Counselling

Enhance coping skills

Provide a reflective safe space

Support with personal and emotional growth post separation

Assist with managing priorities and adjusting to new demands

Ensure parenting is nurtured through the trauma

Prepare for a new beginning once healing has occured

About Post Separation Counselling

Divorce is the highest form of stress and trauma right after death. In actual fact, some studies have rated divorce even higher than death, because death is final. With separation, the heart forever wonders…

Most partners struggle after a break up. Partly because of the attachment injury, partly because of the loss of dreams, ideals, and future life, but also because there are often lots of collateral damage in a separation. Between breaking up a family, negotiating access to children, and managing new finances, a divorce takes a toll on a person.

This is even worse when the separation came out of the blue, wasn’t a mutual decision, and/or came with a betrayal of any kind. Post separation counselling can help with managing the grief, the emotions, the fears, and the practical complexities when going through a separation, because let’s be honest, without working out our baggage, it may be difficult to embrace our new beginning when it presents to us.

So if you’re ready to work through your separation in a healthy way, make an appointment with Dr Azri now.

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