Couple and Relationship Counselling/Sexology

Therapy for couples struggling with communication, family dynamics, affairs, and more.

Reasons for Couple Therapy

Communication Issues

Family Dynamics

Affairs and Relationship Repair Work

Sexual Difficulties

Mismatched Libido

Non-traditional relationship/sexuality

About Couple Therapy

Relationship counselling, also called couple therapy, assists couples in understanding and addressing issues and conflicts in their relationship. For some, these issues are massive and repair work is needed. For others, it’s death by 1000 cuts and harder to pinpoint, and yet, couples describe having lost the “spark”. Either way, these issues can be worked on with the help of a sound professional. Is couple therapy for you? It depends. Couple therapy is hard work and both partners need to be willing to engage. However, when this occurs, this form of therapy is extremely valuable.

No matter where you are in your couple and/or family, if you want to improve your communication, dynamics, interactions and overall quality of life, give me a call and together, we’ll come up with a positive plan! As an accredited clinical sexologist, I am LGBT and Kink friendly. All couples and all walks of life are welcome in my practice.

Contact Me

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For general enquiries call 0403 774 459

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I am located at 10 James St, Beenleigh

Couple counselling, couples therapy, sexology

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