My Dear Friends, Some of you may have discovered that I’ve started on a new journey…. Fear not! I’m not having a middle age crisis, but rather adding to my existing repertoire… I’m becoming a sexologist! In my work with women and families, I’ve come to notice that many couples struggle with relationship issues. Some of those issues including communication, kids and money…. but quite a large proportion relate to sex! Despite what many may think, a lot of sex therapy does not involve the ‘act’ per se, but the feelings around the ‘act’. Women, feeling rejected because their husbands are too tired at night, and men feeling unloved because their wives are too preoccupied with everything else to remember that sex is fun and healthy. How awesome is it to think that just by learning to communicate about sex, couples can go through this normal phase? Of course, there’s more to it. For some couples, it may be about other things, but the outcome is the same: Talking about Love, Sex and Relationships, we can improve our lives. I’ve started a Facebook page to provide a safe, respectful and interesting platform to discuss all issues to do with love, sex and relationships. I’ll also provide weekly e-books, book & services reviews and general freebies.  

I hope you will join me on my new page!

Yours in Love 🙂


Couple counselling, couples therapy, sexology

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