For a very long time, I wouldn’t ask clients (individuals or couples) to commit to any frequency for their sessions as I was mindful of issues such as work, kids, or finances.

However, realistically, without a regular weekly or fortnightly commitment, therapy just doesn’t work (unless the person/couple is in a maintenance phase or their issues are preventative).

Therefore, to ensure optimal results, I will not take on clients UNLESS they are agreeable to regular weekly or fortnightly sessions. That is to make sure that I can offer the best service they deserve.

Benefits of ongoing therapy

  • Follow through
  • Momentum
  • Faster rapport building
  • Easier to remember from one session to the next
  • Accountability
  • Accountability
  • Accountability

So what should your commitment be to begin therapy?

1- An open mind

2- Attendance at weekly or fortnightly sessions

3- Being prepared to work hard in between sessions

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